Welcome to the fun-filled world of theatre where students will explore how to create and tell stories, work as an ensemble, and create a variety of characters through games, improvisation, scenes, dance & music. Broadway Bound is designed to ignite your child’s imagination, build self-confidence, teach teamwork, and build new friendships! Our small class size (more…)

This class is an improvisational workout geared towards helping actors find creativity and enhance their performance instincts. Actors will learn to trust their intuition on stage through exercises that focus on performing scenes with little or no rehearsal. It is important for students at this age to let go of how they FEEL they should (more…)

Come and discover the foundations of musical theatre through ACTING, VOICE & DANCE! Each class will incorporate a range of musical theatre activities, including learning songs and music, rehearsing, and performing scenes, and learning choreography. Over the course of this class, we will focus on in-depth musical theatre training, song preparation and vocal performance, and (more…)

Get ready to perform like nobody’s watching! This fun, high-energy class combines the elements of our acting & improvisation classes, as well as a focus on the rehearsal and the performance process. This class is designed for the dedicated actor who wants to challenge their abilities and achieve their goal of being “performance ready.” Our performance (more…)

Get ready to Laugh Out Loud!  “LOL” Improv will encourage and nurture students’ innate curiosity, creativity, and ability to make connections with others.  This class will have a fun supportive environment where students can explore, laugh, all while building self-confidence, well-being, and connectedness.  Students will learn improv games, performance techniques and the fundamentals of “yes…and”. (more…)

Lights, camera, action!  Showstopper is designed for the dedicated actor who wants to challenge their abilities and achieve their goal of being “performance ready.” Our play performance class will explore what it takes to be in a show, including the physical, emotional, and technical preparation. Being part of a cast is an experience like no (more…)

Take Center Stage is a wonderful introduction to the world of theatre and the performing arts.  Students will learn specific techniques that develop their mind, voice, and body for a confident and honest theatrical performance. Improvisation, scene study, voice and diction, and movement are all infused into this “play performance class”. As collaboration is essential (more…)

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